Christmas Day 2009 was when I began making music with my computer, finally achieving a goal I had had since the 1980s when I first learned of MIDI.  That goal seemed to come a step closer in (I believe) 1988 when my parents gave me a Yamaha PSS-480 keyboard for Christmas, and I then proceeded to play it into the ground over the next decade – to the point that buttons stopped working, and it would not even make any sound unless a paperclip was properly unfurled and snaked just right underneath the volume fader.

Fast-forward to Christmas 2015, and I am soon to be reunited with a PSS-480!  I had been thinking about my old keyboard for several months, and recently began looking on eBay to potentially buy one.  I finally found one which I believe is in fairly good condition, and if all goes well, it will be in my hands early next week.  To be honest, I have no idea if/how I will integrate it into my music workflow, but simply having a PSS-480 again will almost certainly be quite inspiring for me.

Other things I want to do musically in Year 7:

  • Upgrade to Reaktor 6 and get my hands on the Blocks, as I figure that should really teach me a lot about synthesis
  • Actually finish and release more music – 2015 has largely been a year of lack of inspiration mixed heavily with projects being stuck in mixing
  • Work more with Vocaloid – specifically Hatsune Miku, but perhaps there will be a new voice released in 2016 which captures my attention

One major decision, of course, is whether to upgrade to Windows 10 while it is still free.  I have Windows 10 on a test computer, and while it is passable in my opinion, I am not particularly thrilled with the new operating system.  More importantly, however, I have yet to see confirmation that many of the programs (music and otherwise) which I use regularly are actually compatible with Windows 10.  At least I have until July to make the upgrade decision, but I know that I should make that decision sooner rather than later.

May 2016 be a good music year for us all!