I like Guitar Center in general, although I specifically do not go there very often because my wallet would otherwise start screaming!

Christmas Day, out of the blue, I decided to check the Guitar Center Web site to see what offers they might have, and I ended up getting a bundle which includes a USB audiobox and other items – the brick-and-mortar locations were closed that day, of course, and I am not in a particular hurry, so I opted for ground shipping to the nearest Guitar Center location.  I knew it meant that the items I ordered would not even leave until today, which was fine – again, no rush on this from my point of view.

Out of curiosity, I just double-checked the e-mail with the UPS tracking number, and I happened to notice this:

We transport ground-ship packages directly to regional UPS hubs. This reduces handling and improves shipping time by up to 24 hours. It’s also why you may notice a 24-36 hour delay in finding your tracking on the UPS website. Rest assured that your package is on its way.

That is very, very impressive!  I never would have thought of this tactic, but something so relatively simple meaning that I can get my order sooner certainly makes me even more likely to order from Guitar Center 🙂