Late last month, I finally received the Yamaha PSS-480 I had won on eBay, and it has definitely been good reconnecting with a keyboard from my youth!  I had not done too much with it yet, partially because after the passage of several decades, I cannot remember all of its functionality and simply have not been able to force myself to sit down and read the manual.

With the Presonus AudioBox Stereo I recently bought from Guitar Center, the PSS-480 is now set up to send and receive MIDI, so I can use it as a 49-key MIDI controller.  I can also get audio from the keyboard into the computer via the audio interface, which then spawned an idea:  Perhaps I should try sampling the keyboard’s various sounds (maybe not all 100 of them!) so that I can more easily use them in my music efforts.  Beyond that, I have yet to find any evidence online of others sampling this keyboard, and given that I have seen more of an interest in the PSS-480 recently, perhaps sampling the keyboard could be useful for others as well.

I still have some issues to rectify in terms of the sound quality from the keyboard to the audio interface – I may end up recording through the on-board sound card on my desktop computer instead.  But then there is the issue of time to sample even just one of the 100 instrument presets on the keyboard.

Then today, thanks to the February 2016 issue of FutureMusic (page 34), I discovered Samplit 2.  This looks like a really good and fast way to sample the PSS-480, as well as sample my VST instruments to save myself some headaches when layering CPU-intensive synths.  I have not bought Samplit2 (yet), but it is definitely a strong possibility for once I figure out the sound quality issue in getting the keyboard’s sounds into the computer.