As Year 7 of my music efforts comes to an end and Year 8 begins today, it happens with a renewed sense of confidence, something which I only recently realized I had lost a long time ago.  That is in large part due to the lack of time to truly focus on music.  Recently, things with work have become less hectic and stressful, and most importantly take less of my time, enabling me to spend more time with music.

I believe that extra time combined with some new inspiration is what has provided that needed confidence.  Taking advantage of stackable sales at Loopmasters, I was able to get Niche Audio’s Deep Moods, and that formed the basis of “Racing Dream.”  Additionally, I feel like I am making better decisions in mixing, which in turn results in “Racing Dream” being my best-sounding finished product to date.

…and that is before adding studio monitors, which I plan to do very soon.  I have been planning on adding monitors to my setup eventually, but the timetable has been decreased dramatically by IK Multimedia’s iLoud Micro monitors, which I hope to have by the end of the year.  In addition to the size, I believe that they will work better for me than “standard” monitors in my less-than-ideal studio setup.  It also helps that a sound engineer I know who has seen my setup also believes the iLoud Micro monitors should work well for me.

As for 2017, I intend to be much more productive on the music front.  I already have one new piece which is currently deep in the composition stage, plus a number of projects I had abandoned previously in the mixing stage because I had lacked confidence in myself to bring those to completion.  Along with the newly-acquired Hybrid 3 synth which I find to be quite inspiring, I intend to make a lot more music in 2017.

While this is probably a 2018 goal, I do intend to look more in 2017 into DJing – not so that I can DJ parties and weddings, but because I believe that modern DJ technology, especially leveraging Native Instruments’ Stems format, can provide more life for my music.  This would inherently add a completely new step to my music process, but it should be a rather beneficial one in the long run.

Hopefully 2017 will be a good music year for us all!