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Elders React to Vocaloid

I do sometimes wonder how people who are not well-versed in Vocaloid (or at least in anime) think when they hear a Vocaloid song, especially one featuring Hatsune Miku (since she is the Vocaloid I now use exclusively).  It never dawned on me that perhaps someone should create a video with senior citizens experiencing Vocaloid music for the first time.

…then tonight, I found two such videos on YouTube.  To say that their reactions are classic would be an understatement 🙂

These are particularly relevant for me right now, as I am in the middle of a Vocaloid project with Hatsune Miku – one which actually sounds to me as if it should have been included on the Paprika soundtrack:

If all goes well, I will be able to complete the composition part of this project over the weekend or early next week, and have the final mix completed and released before Xmas…


Donald Trump Topples Crazy Frog as The Most Annoying Thing in the World

“The prosecution rests, Your Honor.”


Impressions on Native Instruments’ New Velvet Lounge Maschine Expansion

Native Instruments has released a new future soul Maschine Expansion: Velvet Lounge – here are my thoughts on this expansion, including how I am using it in a new project.


Mixing with Free Plugins

Point Blank’s weekly Friday Forum Live! series yesterday devoted an episode to using free plug-ins for mixing.  I already knew about 40% of these, and it was good to learn about many others.  If possible, best to watch this on a two-monitor computer or watch on one computer/tablet and keep a Web browser open on another computer – that enables watching on one screen and downloading the plug-ins from another screen/device.

The one thing I would add is that, while not technically “free” since a magazine purchase is involved, Computer Music always includes a lot of free plug-ins, both instruments and effects, on the DVD which comes with each issue.  Of these, I find that I use ReverberateCM (reverb) and TransectorCM (transient shaping) most often.


The Muppets Make a Music Video

…with Lindsey Sterling 🙂   I like her music overall, and The Muppets are purely timeless, so their combination is simply wonderful in my opinion 😉

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